Coronavirus crisis overshadows everything

Focus week 12: The rapidly escalating coronavirus pandemic has taken over the entire news picture. Fuel markets and carbon emissions allowance markets continue to fall, while the Nordic energy market continues to trade down further.

Here and now

The Nordic energy market continued to experience price falls last week, and the already hard-pressed market now has another large bearish factor to worry about. There was still room for price falls, especially in the long-term contracts in the market, and the short-term contracts also experienced further falls, with prospects of a summer in which electricity consumption may be much lower than had originally been expected. The Q2-20 contract fell by EUR 1.70/MWh during the course of the week and now costs EUR 10.25/MWh. The YR-21 contract has fallen by EUR 1.80/MWh and is now trading at a market price of EUR 23.85/MWh.

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