Climbing prices in most markets

Focus week 15: Following several weeks of price falls, Nordic electricity prices increased last week. An anticipated shift to drier and colder weather towards Easter was one of the reasons.

Here and now

At the end of week 14, the extremely wet weather continued to trigger price falls in the Nordic energy market, but the situation changed completely on Monday. Over the weekend, noticeably drier and colder weather forecasts came in and resulted in an upward revision in the Nordic electricity market, overshadowing the falls from last week. On Monday, the Q3-20 contract closed at a price of EUR 9.10/MWh, an overall price increase of EUR 0.90/MWh for the week. Supported by increasing carbon emission allowance and oil prices, the YR-21 contract has increased by EUR 1.75/MWh and now costs EUR 21.30/MWh.

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