Climbs continue before Easter

Focus week 16: There were further price climbs across the markets during the few trading days last week. The carbon emissions allowance market continues to be the market that sets the agenda.

Here and now

Since our issue last week, the Easter holidays have limited trading activity, but the Nordic energy market managed to climb further before the holiday began. This was predominantly due to the major price jump in the carbon emissions allowance market, which, in the space of just a couple of weeks before Easter, climbed by more than 40%. The market has therefore already recovered much of the ground lost in March. When the Nordic energy market closed for the Easter holidays, the Q3-20 contract cost EUR 9.70/MWh, an increase of EUR 0.60/MWh for the week, while the YR-21 contract has increased by EUR 1.30/MWh to EUR 22.60/MWh.

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