Declining hydro-balance surplus

Focus week 18: There were falling prices in the Nordic energy market last week. The hydro-balance surplus has fallen as a result of higher levels of production and drier weather during April.

Here and now

Nordic energy prices fell steadily last week. Following a couple of weeks of dry weather, the weather forecasts have once again changed direction and now indicate precipitation volumes above normal for the coming weeks. Spot prices remain low, and the foundations have therefore been laid for price falls on the short-term contracts in the forward market. The Q3-20 contract closed at a price of EUR 8.20/MWh on Monday, EUR 1.21/MWh lower than last week. The distant contracts also fell together with the fuel and carbon emissions allowance markets. The YR-21 contract now costs EUR 21.30/MWh, a fall of EUR 1.55/MWh for the week.

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