Minor fluctuations in Nordic energy market

Focus week 19: The daily fluctuations in the Nordic energy market were relatively minor last week. The short-term contracts in the market appear to have found a stable level and have been trading sideways for several weeks now.

Here and now

There were somewhat marginal price falls in the long-term contracts in the Nordic energy market last week. After the deadline to buy carbon emissions allowances for 2019 expired at the end of April, the allowance price has fallen, causing electricity prices to also drop. The YR-21 contract closed at a price of EUR 21.60/MWh on Monday, a fall of EUR 0.14/MWh for the week. The short-term contracts are continuing to move sideways as a result of the unchanging hydrological situation. The Q3-20 contract now costs EUR 8.85/MWh, a marginal increase of EUR 0.60/MWh compared to the same time last week.

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