Allowance market continues to surge

Focus week 28: The summer holiday feeling has set in, and there is declining trading activity across the markets. The carbon market continues to set the tone.

Here and now

We experienced falling prices for the majority of week 27 in the Nordic forward market due to extremely wet weather forecasts for the first half of July and a growing hydro-balance surplus. However, the weather forecasts became somewhat drier again over the weekend, and the market had corrected itself on Monday, helped by the continuously increasing carbon prices. When the market closed on Monday, the Q4-20 contract had almost returned to where it was at the start of the week. It now costs EUR 20.75/MWh, EUR 0.15/MWh less than last week. The YR-21 contract has fallen by EUR 0.30/MWh and is now at EUR 24.10/MWh.

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