Extremely high spot prices in parts of the Nordic area

Focus week 26: The spot prices are soaring in some parts of the Nordic region. Denmark and Southern Sweden have been hit hard, while other price areas are not experiencing as sharp increases.

Here and now

Major daily fluctuations continued in the Nordic energy market last week. During the course of just a few days of trading, the markets regained the losses from earlier in the month, but the prices fell substantially this Monday. Overall, this means that the prices for both the short-term and long-term contracts in the market are at largely the same level as one week ago. The Q4-21 contract fell by EUR 0.15/MWh during the course of the week and now costs EUR 39.70/MWh. There were similar developments in the YR-22 contract, which fell by EUR 0.11/MWh, now costing EUR 30.00/MWh.

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