Price climbs slowed by wetter weather forecasts

Focus week 39: Fuel markets and the German electricity market continue to climb. The price climbs in the Nordic region, however, have slowed down as a result of wetter weather forecasts and an improved hydro-balance.

Here and now

Prices in the fuel and carbon markets are continuing to climb sharply, and the uptrend has also continued in Germany. However, the developments in the Nordic region have been more neutral over the last week as a result of the notably wetter weather forecasts and a clear improvement in the Nordic hydro-balance, which have placed a definite dampener on the upside in the market. Short-term contracts in the market have fallen, while the more distant contracts have climbed only marginally. The Q4-21 and YR-22 contracts closed at EUR 72.90/MWh and EUR 48.90/MWh respectively on Monday.

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