Most expensive month in Nordic region for five years

Focus week 10: February was the most expensive month in the Nordic spot market for nearly five years. Naturally, the cause was the prolonged cold snap.

Here and now

There were further price falls in the Nordic energy market last week. The forecasts indicate relatively clearly that the weather will become both milder and wetter from the end of week 10. The temperatures will rise to only a couple of degrees below the norm, while the precipitation volumes are set to increase. Fuel prices are also falling; both coal and gas for delivery in 2019 have fallen significantly during the last couple of weeks. The forward prices therefore also fell last week. Q2-18 fell by EUR 1.51/MWh to EUR 27.31/MWh, while YR-19 closed at EUR 26.30/MWh on Monday, EUR 0.65/MWh lower than the previous week.

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