Substantial price falls over Christmas holidays

Focus week 1: A notable change in the weather in Europe has been affecting both the fuel and energy markets since Christmas. However, the price falls came on the back of low trading activity.

5 tammikuun, 2022

Here and now

System contract prices in the Nordic forward market have been falling since Christmas and the falls have been extremely strong, particularly for the short-term contracts in the market. Up until Christmas, January looked set to be very cold and dry, but we have since experienced a change to much milder and wetter forecasts and, as the gas prices have continued to fall sharply, the electricity prices have followed suit. The Q2-22 and YR-23 contracts now cost EUR 43.60/MWh and EUR 37.50/MWh respectively, corresponding to falls of EUR 25.55/MWh and EUR 1.50/MWh since our most recent issue just before Christmas.

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