Increasing LNG imports provide boost to gas market

Focus week 4: The weather forecasts in the Nordic region have become colder and drier over the weekend. This led to major price jumps for the short-term contracts in the market on Monday.

26 tammikuun, 2022

Here and now

We experienced a slightly falling trend in the forward market at the end of last week, but this situation changed on Monday. The weather forecasts actually became notably colder and drier over the weekend, and the market exploited this development to trade upwards at the start of the week. This meant that the short-term contracts in the market ended the week with increases overall. The Q2-22 contract therefore now costs EUR 54.90/MWh, an increase of EUR 8.17/MWh during the course of the week. The 2023 year contract closed at EUR 36.90/MWh on Monday, a marginal EUR 0.12/MWh higher than one week ago.

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