Large price falls in spot market and forward market

Focus week 44: Nordic energy prices fell even further last week, and there was also a downtrend in the coal and gas markets. Nevertheless, there is still significant uncertainty, and the daily fluctuations are substantial.

3 marraskuun, 2021

Here and now

Forward prices continued to fall in the Nordic region last week, and the most frequently traded contracts are now at their lowest levels since the middle of the summer. The weather forecasts remain wetter and milder than normal for the time of year, and the downside last week was supported by falling prices in both the coal and gas markets. The Q1-22 contract ended up falling by no less than EUR 18.25/MWh and cost EUR 49.40/MWh when the market closed on Monday. The YR-22 contract has fallen by EUR 7.53/MWh, now costing EUR 31.00/MWh.

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