Record-high prices across the markets

Focus week 48: Winter has set in across the Nordic region, and spot prices have climbed sharply, as expected. On Monday, we reached by far the highest Nordic system price ever experienced, and the uptrend is also continuing in the forward markets.

1 joulukuun, 2021

Here and now

The Nordic energy market was characterised by record-high prices last week, in both the forward and spot markets. We are close to returning to the situation we experienced in September, with sky-high daily price fluctuations. The Q1-21 contract, for example, climbed by no less than EUR 8.75/MWh during a single day of trading on Monday. The market had feared a cold winter, and the latest weather forecasts indicate extremely cold weather in December. On Monday, the Q1-21 contract closed at EUR 91.50/MWh, EUR 9.60/MWh higher than the previous week, while the YR-22 contract has climbed by EUR 3.75/MWh to EUR 51.00/MWh.

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