Markets affected by fears of war

Focus week 5: The situation in Eastern Europe is escalating, and the markets are pricing in the potential consequences of another war between Russia and Ukraine.

2 helmikuun, 2022

Here and now

The forward market was influenced by multiple changes to the weather forecasts last week. As we head into week 5, we are in the midst of a brief period of cold weather, but the prospect of milder weather for the second half of the week, as well as next week, led to price falls in the short-term contracts in the market on Monday. On Monday, the Q2-22 contract closed at EUR 52.55/MWh, a fall of EUR 2.35/MWh for the week. However, the year contracts have climbed in line with the increases in the gas, carbon and German energy markets. The 2023 contract now costs EUR 38.40/MWh, EUR 1.50/MWh higher than last Monday.

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