Fears of winter trigger major new price jump

Focus week 50: There were major price climbs to track across the European energy markets last week. The Nord Stream 2 saga, combined with fears of a cold winter, have resulted in high levels of nervousness.

15 joulukuun, 2021

Here and now

Most contracts in the Nordic forward market experienced major new price jumps during the last week. The Q1-22 contract now costs EUR 110.10/MWh, just over EUR 25/MWh higher than last Monday, while the YR-22 contract has climbed by EUR 8.95/MWh to EUR 62.55/MWh. We also experienced falling prices on Thursday and Friday, but when the weather forecasts became colder again over the weekend, the market rose, and the week closed with significant price climbs overall. At the same time, the EPADs in the southern part of the Nordic region have also climbed further, as the price spread to Germany continues to grow.

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