Mild winter weather continues

Focus week 6: The weather forecasts for the Nordic region continue to indicate mild, wet weather for the coming weeks. In spite of this, prices are not falling in the forward market, as the market is being supported by other factors.

9 helmikuun, 2022

Here and now

Despite the continuously mild, wet and windy winter weather across the Nordic region, there were no notable price fluctuations in the forward market last week. Climbing prices in the fuel and carbon market, as well as yet another postponement of the new Finnish nuclear reactor, have put a stop to any price falls for the Nordic system contracts. The immediate quarter contract, Q2-22, closed on Monday at a price of EUR 52.05/MWh, while the 2023 contract now costs EUR 39.25/MWh. For both of the contracts, this level is largely unchanged compared to last week.

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