New reform rumours affect carbon market

Focus week 7: Forward prices in the Nordic region continued to fall in week 6 with the weather forecasts continuing to promise mild weather and plenty of precipitation. The downside was limited by the uncertainty surrounding French nuclear power and the potential war in Ukraine.

16 helmikuun, 2022

Here and now

Once again, there were no major changes to the Nordic weather forecasts last week. Temperatures, precipitation volumes and wind power production all look set to remain above normal for the rest of February, and the prospect of mild winter weather has resulted in falling prices in the system contracts, especially the short-term contracts in the market. The immediate quarter contract, Q2-22, now costs EUR 44.70/MWh, EUR 7.35/MWh less than one week ago, while the 2023 contract has fallen by EUR 2.41/MWh to EUR 36.84/MWh. Spot prices remain high in all price areas other than Northern Sweden and Northern Norway.

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